My New Name

I managed to declare a small piece of territory on the property of the House of Ps.  It wasn’t easy staking claim to a small bit of the yard even though the property is composed of seven plus acres.  I had to secure it from three trapped, spayed and returned sisters.  The sisters thought that they could rule an entire acre but I kept sneaking back to the same spot night after night and day after day until they finally gave up the small square.

And so I would wait every morning and again every evening, listening for the lady, who is now my mom, to call out MEOW.  I sat back from the others and as soon as they were finished I would gobble up the left over hard food.  The lady, who is now my mom, continued to watch me but didn’t approach me.  She was still trying to decide if I was feral or someone’s former pet.

Days went by and I noticed that even though the lady, who is now my mom, fed the feral cats twice every day she could not get close to them.  She did however have names for the ferals and would call out to each one in a soft voice.  I wanted the lady, who was now my mom, to call out my name.  Sadly, she did not know my name.

A new vehicle parked in the driveway and remained for an entire week bringing with it another lady and three kids.  That lady, who is now my Aunt Tina, gave me a name.  Everytime she would see me she would say, “There goes Socks.”  She named me Socks because I have four big white paws that stick out from my four black legs.

“Socks,” the name stuck.  The lady, who is now my mom, started calling it out to me as she inched closer during meal times.


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