Mascot Status

I am not one to MEOW all about it but this is big news for a cat who was once homeless…

It’s official, I am the mascot for American Coin Treasures.  Here is some background information regarding American Coin Treasures:  Founded in the Mid 1980’s American Coin Treasures has become one of the largest coin dealers in the United States. Because of their large buying power and creativity, American Coin Treasures has also tapped into the jewelry market by creating and manufacturing its own line of unique, collectible coin jewelry.  American Coin Treasures selection of coins, jewelry, pocket knives and graded coins makes it a one stop site for all your gift needs.

I have seen first paw, what great gifts American Coin Treasures products make for someone special.  I watched my nephew Sam open up A Year To Remember collector coin box set.  His young eyes were as  big as a saucer of milk as the following words rushed out of his mouth, “Whoa, these coins are as old as me.  I am going to keep them forever!”  He is seven and it was the first time he saw a JFK half-dollar.  I was in the process of one of my daily cat naps when I heard my 65-year-old aunt exclaim what a cool gift she just opened.  My human parents gave her a New York Times Front-page Year To Remember.  As Aunt Peggy held up the framed front page dated July 31, 1947 everyone gathered around to read the headlines.  I heard my grandma say she hung on her family room wall the very next day!

American Coin Treasures also offers Rescued, A Year To Remember Pet Frame which was inspired by me, Socks.  I was rescued after my human parents saw me hanging outside their house looking for something to eat and a warm place to sleep.  They took me in, had me neutered, found out I am FIV + and have diabetes but decided to keep me.  And now here I am a STAR with his very own American Coin Treasure and the mascot to a company whose products are Historical, Educational and Collectible.



Moving In

Once Aunt Tina gave me my name “Socks” I began to hear my name at meal times.  The Lady, who is now my mom, would sit a plate down in front of me and sternly say, “Socks, eat your food and keep away from the other cats’ plates.”   She would catch me trying to steal their food after I finished my own dinner.  After watching me try to sneak more food, the Lady, who is now my mom, began to give me bigger helpings.  I guess she realized I was used to eating large meals, MOL.

As the summer drifted on and the air stayed warm till late in the night, I would sometimes creep into the garage when the door was open.  A few of the other ferals were sleeping on outdoor furniture cushions that were turned into cat beds.  The Lady, who is now my mom, would see me laying in a corner by myself and say, “Socks, as long as you don’t bother the other cats and don’t go to the bathroom out of the litter box you can sleep in the garage.”

With this new information in my head, I began to slip into the garage to beat the summer heat, get a cool drink and a few nibbles of hard food. The Lady, who is now my mom, had assumed I was already neutered as she saw my ears tipped.  Little did she know that my ears were not tipped at the vet but by tom cats during mating fights.  So even though I now how a secure place to rest my head at night and eat good meals, the call of nature would lure me out to find a mate.  I would be gone for two or three days and then reappear and the Lady, who is now my mom, would say “I thought something bad happened to you,  I am glad you are okay.”

My pattern of staying in the garage for a week and out for a few days continued throughout the summer until I happened upon a tom cat who was able to get the best of me.  He scalped one side of my head, took a chunk out of my ear and left me with less fur and bleeding.  When I managed to make it back to the garage of the House of Ps, the Lady, who is now my mom, exclaimed “Oh my what happened to you.”  She called to my daddy who at this point had yet to get really close to me.  He walked up to me and actually touched me and I let him.

Countdown Begins…

Football is one of the greatest sports…my daddy and the lady, who is now my mom, sit on the couch for hours watching game after game on Saturdays.  So I in turn get to set on the couch with daddy for hours.  When the game is a blow out or it’s a team from the old Big Ten conference daddy pets me and scratches me for hours.

Of course things are different when the Florida Gators are on tv…daddy and the lady, who is now my mom, jump up and down, yell at the screen, give each other high fives and sing “We Are The Boys” at the end of the third quarter.

Only 59 days…Go Gators =^..^=

socks gators

My New Name

I managed to declare a small piece of territory on the property of the House of Ps.  It wasn’t easy staking claim to a small bit of the yard even though the property is composed of seven plus acres.  I had to secure it from three trapped, spayed and returned sisters.  The sisters thought that they could rule an entire acre but I kept sneaking back to the same spot night after night and day after day until they finally gave up the small square.

And so I would wait every morning and again every evening, listening for the lady, who is now my mom, to call out MEOW.  I sat back from the others and as soon as they were finished I would gobble up the left over hard food.  The lady, who is now my mom, continued to watch me but didn’t approach me.  She was still trying to decide if I was feral or someone’s former pet.

Days went by and I noticed that even though the lady, who is now my mom, fed the feral cats twice every day she could not get close to them.  She did however have names for the ferals and would call out to each one in a soft voice.  I wanted the lady, who was now my mom, to call out my name.  Sadly, she did not know my name.

A new vehicle parked in the driveway and remained for an entire week bringing with it another lady and three kids.  That lady, who is now my Aunt Tina, gave me a name.  Everytime she would see me she would say, “There goes Socks.”  She named me Socks because I have four big white paws that stick out from my four black legs.

“Socks,” the name stuck.  The lady, who is now my mom, started calling it out to me as she inched closer during meal times.

This Is Now My House Too

I was hungry and I mean hungry, I think I could have eaten a mouse…

I found my way to the House of Ps about 3 1/2 years ago.  I was on my own after being dumped by my previous human.  I followed the sound of a human voice trying to speak cat, calling out Meow, Meeeooow, Meow.  I watched the lady who is now my mom, put several bowls of food down for the feral cats.  After she finished meowing, she moved about 5 feet away and cats of  all colors and sizes came running out of nowhere to the bowls.  I even watched a cat climb down from a tree.  There were about 6 of them and they ate the wet food like it was their last meal.  When the wet food was gone, they nibbled at the hard food leaving some in the dish before running back to their hiding places.  I watched the lady, who is now my mom, pick up the wet food dishes and pour the left over hard food into one bowl.

It was then that I made my move, I slowly walked over to the bowl and began to eat.  I kept one eye on the lady, who is now my mom, as I knew she was watching me.  I could tell she was wondering where I came from since I was so much bigger than the feral cats.  My tummy was still very round from eating meals at my previous house.  The lady, who is now my mom, didn’t make a move towards me but continued to watch until I finished the hard food in the dish.  She then picked up the dish and went back into the house.